Jessica Wilkerson

As a therapist and as a person, I have a deep and passionate heart for people who are going through life transitions.  I know personally how scary, anxiety provoking, and sometimes depressing it can be to make transitions – grand or small.  Sometimes it’s the things we view as a small change that stump us, greatly effecting our emotions and motivation!Transitions: New or Re-Marriage.  Divorce.  Break-up.  Loss of Employment.  Job Change.  Return to School.  Custody Changes.  Moving.  Children changing schools.  Weight fluctuations.  Shifting Friends.  Having a baby.  Post-partum depression.  Empty Nest.  The restless feeling for “something more or different,” but not being able to identify what it is.I take the viewpoint that you are not coming to a therapist as someone who will “fix” you or your life – but rather, you and I are here to just sit and have a conversation.  After our conversations, it’s my hope that you’ll come from the experience feeling like you have a little more understanding about where to go from here, more insight and skills for working with.I work with people from all walks of life, marital statuses, age… you name it.I also have special therapy training working with children who have experienced trauma, and it seems that tweens & teens connect with me really well.  We have a good time during counseling – so heavy subjects are much easier to talk about.You can schedule an appointment by calling me at

(530) 921-5122 or emailing me at